Thesis defense


New provisions have been implemented in accordance with the Decree of May 25, 2016, modifying several aspects related to the doctorate, notably the composition of the thesis defense jury:

Composition of the jury (article 18 of the decree of May 25, 2016, as amended):

- The number of jury members is between four and eight.

- It must be composed of at least half of French or foreign personalities, external to the doctoral school and the enrolment institution of the doctoral candidate, chosen because of their scientific or professional competence in the field of research concerned, subject to the provisions related to joint international thesis supervision.

- The composition of the jury must allow for a balanced representation of women and men.

- At least half of the jury must be composed of professors or personnel assimilated in the sense of article 6 of the decree n° 92-70 relating to the National Council of Universities and of article 5 of the decree n° 87-31 for health disciplines, or of teachers of equivalent rank who do not come under the Ministry of Higher Education.

- The thesis director, as well as any other person who has participated in the direction of the thesis, does not take part in the decision.

The referees (article 17 of the decree of May 25, 2016, as amended):

The doctoral candidate's work is previously examined by two referees appointed by the head of the institution, authorized to direct research or belonging to one of the categories[1] mentioned in 1° and 2° of article 16 of the present decree, on the proposal of the director of the doctoral school, after consultation with the thesis director.


To defend his or her thesis within the Doctoral School 372, a pre-defense must have taken place before the thesis defense request procedure is initiated. This pre-defense must gather at least the local members of the thesis jury and, ideally, the anticipated final jury, so that a critical and constructive opinion can be given on the whole thesis, that possible suggestions for modifications can be formulated, and that a timetable can be defined to make the manuscript defensible. Pre-defense form.


From January 2, 2023, requests for thesis defenses will be made exclusively in a digital manner via the ADUM application.

Submission of the thesis defense request: no later than 8 weeks before the defense date: Complete in your ADUM Personal Space (I wish to make my defense request) your request for defense.

Operational mode for doctoral candidates:

Operational mode for supervisors: